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Functional Pet dog training

Function is the name of the game. We’re here to help you  and your dog function well together. Your family dog doesn’t need to track bad guys or perform a competition heel with flourish, but he does need to function in the environment he finds himself living in.

We can help!

Thankfully, animal behavior science is getting better every year. Our staff is trained on a wide variety of positive and low-conflict solutions. With The Laughing Dog, you’ll receive a combination of advice on living space arrangements, meeting the mental/emotional needs of your pet, behavior management, and dog training that will help you and your dog function better together. 

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I am the Founder and Lead Trainer, but I prefer the title of Dog Enthusiast. I spend my working hours helping loving dog owners enjoy the time they have with their pets through fun, simple, and effective training methods. During my time off, I love to take my Very Good Boy, Cooper, kayaking on the area rivers and lakes. I fell in love with and started training dogs at age 7 and have been at it ever since! Since the beginning, I have continually built my knowledge and skills around dogs and how they learn, earning certifications with the Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Fear Free, Control Unleashed, and more!. To keep those skills fresh and ever-improving, I participate in continuing education annually. My ultimate goal is to  bring joy-filled dog training and pet ownership to Fargo/Moorhead. 

Dog Training Services


Puppy/Dog Training (Prevention of unwanted behaviors)

While puppies are fun, sometimes new puppy owners need help in the home with things like house training and boundary-setting (don’t chew on that!) We help make sure puppies and younger dogs don’t develop bad habits.

Behavior Modification (changing existing behaviors)

More mature dogs can develop behaviors around certain stressors. Going to the vet, getting in the car, or walking nicely on the leash can all become stressful for dogs. Wherever your dog struggles we’ll meet you there and will have a customized plan just for them.

Joyful Dog Walking

We know you’re busy! We love to offer drop-in dog walking.  Our walks are enrichment-focused. We use a longer leash to allow the dog to sniff and enjoy their time outside. We do a lot of recall and loose leash training on these walks as well. Whether you’re out of town for the week or you just need someone to take your dog for a walk at lunch – we’ve got you covered.


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Bailey has been walking my dog, Manny, every week for two years now, has cared for him when I am out of town, and has taken him out if I am stuck at work and unable to get home in time. Manny is a 100+ lbs energetic mutt and Bailey has had no trouble with him. Since she started walking him, I’ve definitely noticed that he responds to commands better and is better behaved than he used to be. Bailey always sends a text, and sometimes a picture, letting me know when she takes him out, which is nice for peace of mind. She has also been extremely accommodating with short-notice requests to walk Manny as well. 

I have had a great experience with Bailey as my dog walker!  I have 2 dogs and they get so excited when they see her car pull up.  My husband and I both work so it is nice that the dogs are able to get out and get some exercise while we aren’t home.  My 2 year old dog, Lily, is very hyper and can be hard to control, but after Bailey started walking them she has become much better at not tugging on the leash when I walk her.  She has also been working on her not jumping on people when they come to the door which I have seen big improvements. She is very reliable and sends pictures of the dogs when she is out walking with them.  I would highly recommend her as a dog walker.  If you have questions please let me know. Thanks!

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